Terms and Conditions of Use

By using ChatLit or any of our other products or services that link to there Term (we refer to these "Services"), you agree to the Terms. Of course, if you dont't agree with them, then dont use the Services.

If you accpet to this terms and do not comply with this then this actions will not be tolerated and this will result in a permanent ban. This may even result in getting the authorities involved.

1. You may not use the Service for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. You agree to comply with all laws, rules and regulations (for example, federal, state, local and provincial) applicable to your use of the Service and your Content (defined below), including but not limited to, copyright laws.

2. You may not post any pornographic or sexually suggestive photos as your profile picture.

3. You may not video chatt in any pornographic or sexually suggestive way.

4. You must not use ChatLit for any harassing communications "spam" to any ChatLit user.

5. You may not use any domain name as ("URL") as your username.

6. You accept that your information will only be used to match you with new friends and will not be used in any other way than the match making system.

7. You must be over 18 to use ChatLit's video services. if you are under 18 and continue with this service then all the responsiblity is yours.

8. You must not be racist or threatening to anyone.

9. You must not do anything that is objectionable to your "new friend", (the user you are talking to).